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Kustom Nationals Phillip Island 6th Jan 2013

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Kustom Nationals Phillip Island 6th Jan 2013

Post  DaveG on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:22 pm

As planned a few of us headed to Phillip Island GP Track Today for the Kustom Nats.

5 x TBirds met at Cranbourne this Morning at 7:30am as organised by Giovanni, there was, Chris & Allison, Giovanni & Melissa, Darryl and his mate Brad, Scruff and Lee and Myself and Di and we met up with GaryH at the Island.
we set off at 7:40am for the 70 kilometer run to the Island, The weather was amazing not a cloud all day and around 30 deg, after a leisurely cruise passing & being passed by other Classics and Rods we arrived at the Phillip Island GP Track just before 9am and thanks to Giovanni having us on the road early we were ahead of the big jam as hundreds of cars behind us qued to get thru the gates, what a great track it is, there were I guess approx 300 - 400 cars that might be conservative, a lot of the usual suspects were there but there were also lots of rides I hadn't laid eyes on before. the area we were in was directly behind the pits all concrete and bitumen so again because we were early we were able to pick a great spot next to the grass where we set up the shade covers, tables, chairs, our base camp for the next 6 hours or so. I guess the highlight of the day was cruising the GP Track, It has just been resurfaced and It's so smooth. and driving around there surrounded by other Classics, Customs and Rods was a real buzz. I guess at any one time there were 80 to 100 cars out cruising and the spectacle was amazing. It was a great day spent with good friends and beautifull cars. If you havent been to this one I fully recommend it you'll love it.mark it down for 2014.
Here's a link to my Classic Car Photobucket Album with over 100 pics from yesterday Enjoy.... I hope it works.
P.S Yes that is a boat in the Photos powered by a VW no less. not sure where that Club Plate on the back came from.
Todays Pics are in the Kustom Nats Album (left menu)

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Post  jptbird on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:50 pm

Looks and sounds like you all had a great day Dave.
Thanks for the update and the brilliant photos.

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