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Mulwala Rod Run 2013

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Mulwala Rod Run 2013

Post  DaveG on Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:05 am

In june last year I attended an Event in Queensland or Coolangatta to be more precise, called Cooly Rocks On. I headed back to Melbourne after 4 amazing days convinced that I’d just been to the best Car weekend this country has to offer,  

Well there may be a challenge to this because this weekend I went to

Yarrawonga / Mulwala for the Mulwala Rod Run, the only word that  comes to mind is WOW!!!!!

I think Cooly will always be King for the Classic car enthusiasts because it caters to all Rods, Classics & Customs whereas Mulwala is really about Rods & Customs I dont think the Classics are or will be as well accepted, But we shall see in the Future. I think if the Classics were embraced this would no doubt be the biggest and best Car weekend in Australia

For those guys who live interstate Yarrawonga /Mulwala are twin Towns on the Murray River which is the border between NSW & VIC…….. Yarrawonga is Vic and Mulwala is NSW. Geography lesson over.

What a sensational weekend, I met Chris at our usual spot in Glen Iris mid afternoon on Friday and we set out on the 326km almost 4 hours of driving in rainy and cold conditions as we left Melbourne, by the time we hit Broadford the skies had cleared and from that point on the weather was perfect all weekend, we arrived in Yarrawonga at 6pm and there were Classics & Hotrods everywhere, It was like stepping back in time to the Sixties,

Registrations were underway at the Showgrounds hundereds of Vehicles were processed with no waiting at all, the organisation by Northern Suburbs Hot Rod club really was top shelf. The fact that Tourism Yarrawonga/ Mulwala were the main sponsors of the event and that the Council were totally onboard and had agreed to shutting down the main street of Yarrawonga so the cars could cruise showed the level of commitment to this event by all the authorities, The Police presence was huge but they were very light handed infact the Booze bus on the Friday night was only pulling in right hand drive cars. Unfortunately one of our group was in a ZD Fairlane and had to blow the bag But he was fine.

There were at least 821 cars registered that we know of, because we met a guy at dinner Sat night who had that number but there were just as many again that hadn’t registered, I think lots of the Classic cars didn’t register because being this events first year they wanted to see if the Classics would be made welcome, unlike the Bright event where they were pushed aside a little.

Saturday Lunch time was the Classic speed boat display on the banks of the lake, Some sweet woodies on display with all sorts of engines from Chev & Ford to Leyland Rover. 2pm was the Go to Whoa at the Showgrounds, Some wild cars and even wilder Burnouts and driving techniques, unfortunately this event ended prematurely when a beautiful little Street Rod which was supposedly only 3 weeks old and had reportedly cost the best part of $100,000 to build was written off when the accelerator jammed wide open and it crashed thru safety barriers across a road and nose first into a ditch at what I’d estimate would have been close to 60mph, anyway no one seriously injured so that’s a good thing.

The absoloute stand out of the weekend for me was the Saturday A/noon 4pm -11pm cruise.

The main street was the venue, up onside and back down the other, Some of the coolest cars you will ever see, Rego plates from Qld, S.A and even W.A with a couple from Tassie and of course hundreds from Vic and NSW. at about 6pm there were so many cars cruising they had to send them over the bridge into Mulwala and along another 1km to a roundabout then back again, the whole cruise distance approx 4km was lined with people in fact down the main shopping strip they were in many places 8 to 10 rows deep they were even on the roofs of the shops it was just an incredible sight to see,  about 7pm the five of us jumped in our cars and joined in the cruise, the full lap took about 30 minutes, waving to kids, cameras flashing and lots of thumbs up and nice car mate comments.

The Sunday morning was the Show n Shine at the showgrounds. Again magnificent Sunshine very warm and it was mind boggling just a sea of the most amazing cars and I have no idea how many people were there the crowd was huge. after snapping some pics talking shit for a while and soaking up plenty of sunshine around 1pm we decided it was time to hit the road for home so we all saddled up, it seemed everyone else had the same idea, the Hume highway was a cavalcade of Classics & Rods a mobile car show at 100kmh, the trip home just finished off the perfect weekend fat arming it down the Hume at 100k’s in convoy with the sun providing plenty of warmth and the Ipod cranking out 50’s & 60’s rock & roll…….. It don’t get no better than this.

It was all going so well until unfortunately within a few k’s of home Chris had an engine issue in his TBird on the Monash, Infact we were in heavy traffic 4 lanes wide and suddenly Chris darted left and did a great job getting his car across 3 lanes between other traffic and into the safety of the stopping lane, I couldn’t get over so I continued up to Toorak Rd and turned back, seems the Spark had disappeared, his engine had just died and wouldn’t restart, So after investigating and finding no obvious cause the only course of Action left was to call a Tilt Tray, so Chris after driving close to 800k’s in a few days would go the last few k’s to home on a Tilt Tray.  Never mind Chris even sitting up there on the back of a Tilt Tray she’s still a very classy lady.

Well I guess that’s it,

As Molly Meldrum would say…… Do yourself a favour ……Get along to this one next year.

Awesome weekend just remains to be seen whether Classics will be made welcome in the Future.

Great weekend thanks to Northern Suburbs Street Rods

and especially Chris, Ian, Lindon and Rohan.


a link to 120 pics from the weekend Pics.

[url=http://s909.photobucket.com/user/jetscarclub/library/#/user/jetscarclub/library/Mulwala Rod Run Nov 8 to10]http://s909.photobucket.com/user/jetscarclub/library/#/user/jetscarclub/library/Mulwala%20Rod%20Run%20Nov%208%20to10%202013?sort=3&page=1&_suid=138411604466308834507655216406[/url]

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Re: Mulwala Rod Run 2013

Post  jptbird on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:22 am

Like wow.
Great review of what looked like a great week end Dave.
Thanks for the post and the heaps of photos for us to enjoy.

Let your money make you happy. Smile

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Re: Mulwala Rod Run 2013

Post  The65 on Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:45 pm

Great report Dave, sounds like a great weekend.

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Re: Mulwala Rod Run 2013

Post  MMIII on Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:20 pm

thanks for the report Dave. A great read.


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Re: Mulwala Rod Run 2013

Post  Giobus on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:04 am

Hi Dave,

Managed to get through the photos last night ~ WOW !

Great selection of car, l am just saddened that l won't be able to attend the show for a couple of years due to other events that are going to be happening Sad 

But there will always be the stories and photos from you guys Smile



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Re: Mulwala Rod Run 2013

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