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2012 Scale Model Nationals

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2012 Scale Model Nationals

Post  65birdman on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:58 pm

took the car out today down to the 2012 Scale Model Nationals .that ozzy390 was hosting at his slot car racing facility for a static display this was part of a 4 day event that started on Thursday the 7th and will finish up on Sunday the 10th. chris or as most of you know him by ozzy390 has been runnig this slot car facility for some time know .this is where i first met Chris some ten years ago as my youngest son just about lived there so we spent quite a bit of time there. and i remember talking to Chris one night and he was showing me this slot car that he had built .and explaining to me how he had customised a tbird model to fit on a slot car chassis and he told me he had always loved early ford thunder birds. and indecently the name of his slot car business is Thunderbird Slot Racing[.anyway as time went buy and my son grew out of his slot car phase i had not seen Chris for ten years ..until i joined a international thunder bird forum and i had posted some pics of my car earlier this year. and Chris commented on my car and all so asked if lived in a certain suburb in Adelaide as he recognized the back ground looked very familiar .and i responded by telling him he was spot on and we realized we lived just around the corner from each other. but at this time we did not know that we new one another until i was looking at some photos in old post he had done and in one of his photos he had taken was his web site address on his rear window of his car and that's when it clicked and i remembered him showing me his t bird slot car and he told me some day he would like to own one .any way thanks to our cars we have rekindle an old friendship and know i have a grand son i a looking forward to spending lots more time at thunderbird slot raceway http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g370/captingrumpy/thunderbird%20slot%20raceway/


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Re: 2012 Scale Model Nationals

Post  DaveG on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:16 am

Gee small world Hey!!!
Yeah I've spoken to Chris and purchased some cars from him in the past.
I've got a slot car track in my garage it's on an electric winch system which takes it up into the roof all made of MDF routed slots working pits etc, etc.
I built it about 4 years ago I think I've used it maybe half a dozen times.

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