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Car Show for Cancer Research

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Car Show for Cancer Research

Post  DaveG on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:07 pm

I'm thinking about organising a car show to raise money for Cancer Research (Relay for Life).

Quick explanation: Good friends of my wife & I lost thier 17 year old Daughter Stacey to cancer a few years ago and as a result along with them we joined the Relay for Life, an event where teams gather at a venue on a certain date (This happens all over the World) the teams members then do a walking relay over a 24 hour period 6pm Friday to 6pm Saturday our team is Team Stacey, approx 30 members, team members raise money by being sponsored for thier portion of the 24 hour walk and the work they do in extracting donations from the corporate sector, The event we attend is the Casey Relay For Life at Akoonah Park in Berwick, the Casey event is in mid March each year,

I've been giving some thought to putting on a car show to help get next years fund raising going, I've got lots of voulenteers from Team Stacey who are willing to do the work, but I need to get as many ideas as possible and find a suitable venue, (Sugestions greatfully accepted) also work out a Date which doesn't clash with too many other events (Car Shows) It would need to be prior to the next RFL March 2013 and I need to find out all the in's and out's of Insurance liability etc. I have a primary School that can be used in Narre Warren good size oval and huge undercover area suitable for Show Cars.

I had openend this Topic over on US Muscle Forum and the guys there have given me some great feedback that was before this forum got going. I'm thinking a show for 50's 60's & 70's Cars, what I need are all the suggestions you can come up with, so fire away. If this goes ahead I'll put together a committee to make all the decisions, but first I've got to get all the Liability concerns and probable costings dealt with, if costs are going to outweigh income then It's not feasable to continue.
Please feel free to make comment any help greatly appreciated. Dave

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