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The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

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The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:20 pm

Hi guys and gurls. The banner says post up pics of shows and I've been kinda lucky enough to get to many shows in some strange and far away places. My grandfather started taking photos with what's essentially a wooden box with a hole in the front and a glass plate in the middle back around 1870. He taught my dad how to do it and they both taught me. As a result I rarely travel anywhere without at least one camera, which means I have a mountain of photos, literally.

So I thought you might enjoy seeing some of those photos, just be patient, 'coz there's so many images, they may be a little slow to load.


I'm very proud of the fact that I have until this year, attended each and every VHRA Hot Rod and Kustom Show here in Melbourne.
However, for 2013 I missed it for the first time ever.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that even tho circumstances meant I had to be somewhere else that weekend, there just happened to be a hot rod show happening in that little town where I was visiting at the same time I was there.

The Grand National Roadster Show is a few years older than the VHRA show but has many similarities, although scale isn't one of them.

The GNRS moved south from Oakland a few years ago and is now held at the Pomona Fairplex just sourth of Los Angeles and takes up 7 huge buildings. Plus, if you wish to include it, because it is accessed from the show grounds, the Wally Parks NHRA Museum, which is a whole other show unto itself.

But that aint all!

Just as the VHRA show has an outside 'parking' area, the vast grounds of the Pomona Fairplex is filled with 'driven in' hot rods, customs and a whole bunch of additional vendor displays and other car guy stuff that can't be fitted inside the buildings.

I was there every day for all three days of the show and still didn't see all there was to see, but I did manage to shoot aroundr 4,000 photographs, most of which turned out OK. Man I love digital!

Unfortunately I can't show all the pics here, but if you like I'll try to post up enough to give you a good idea of what the Grand National Roadster Show is like.

Of course the 'Main Event' of this show is the awarding of the huge 9 foot (that's like, almost 3 metres) tall trophy for America's Most Beautiful Roadster, so I'll get started with that bit first.

Before the show even opens, there is a pre judging session to sort out the contenders from the many fine roadsters entered for show judging.

This year the rules were changed such that the pre judging included such things as driver comfort, drivability of the car and what's probably a somewhat subjective element, where the cars are viewed from a distance and judged for stance and proportion.

So without further ado, let's check out the contenders, or finalists if you will, starting with one of two Aussies in contention.

This genuine '38 Roadster was imported from Australia as a stocker many years ago and has been rebuilt a couple of times, culminating in the stunning car you see pictured.

Fenders are not a pre requisite for the big prize and this was one of the few contenders to have them.

Sometimes a big engine helps win over the judges, so there were a few sporting such devices, from rare…..

…… or exotic, like this one built by my friend Dave Simmard.

The car was wired by another good friend Skip Readio, who was staying with us here in Oz over the Easter period. Look closely as all is not what it seems, the engine is a brand new DOHC Ford Cyote, the early Ford crab style dissy is a fake, it hide the electric water pump. The injector system is from an Old Chrysler hemi, with all the electronics hidden under the valley cover, which was made by another pal Dennis O'Brien of O'Brien's truckers. The plug leads you see at the front of the engine are also dummies as there's a bunch of coils hidden behind the firewall with the leads appearing at the back of the block and attaching to the plugs thru the unique Offy styled cam covers.

Then there's just plain old and ornery.

This one was the same only completely different.

Here's the Aussie contender, Joe Cain's Model A Tub from Sydney, you've possibly seen it on the back of Joes radical ramp truck in local magazines.

Another full fendered contender.

Plain and simple won't knock you out of contention….

….. nor will something a tad quirky.

Brand X is OK too.

And even your super detailed racer is in with a chance.

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:21 pm

There can however, be only one winner and this totally hand fabricated work of art took the trophy home last year (2012). Typical of recent winners, this custom fabricated car car does not feature a production car chassis, or body, it's all custom fabricated as is most of the hardware and pretty much everything else. I guess the really cool bit is that's it's not a pro shop built car but in fact pretty much all homebuilt by the owner with help from a few very talented and highly skilled mates and that's where it gets a whole bunch of hot rod cred.

Yeah, I know I cut the heads off a few folks but it's all about the car.

This years winner was special, as you'd expect, but what made it really special is that it's made from a bunch of old car parts, with very little being custom fabricated.

John Mumford delivered a pile of rare old bits plus a T Ford roadster body and Deuce chassis to the talented crew at Roy Brizio's shop and they transformed it all into the 2012 America's Most Beautiful Roadster

Drumroll please Mr Music………………………………….

Exotic and rare old parts, rare kinemont disc brakes, rarer Bell axle, rarer still Ardun Heads i=on the little Ford V8-60……..

…….simplicity of design………

………and perfect proportions.

…… not to mention perfectly stunning fit and finish.

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Giobus on Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:34 pm


You are very fortunate fellow, it would of been truly amazing to see the all those cars over there !!



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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:47 pm

You know me Gio, I'll travel anywhere for a hot rod show, or cruise. Laughing Laughing Laughing

The car pictured below was my 'taxi' for the weekend and the bloke standing next to it, the owner and my good friend, Ron Cole.

The car is a '40 Ford Deluxe Coupe, with Chevy 350 and 350 combo, Mustang independent front and coil overs on a ford 9" rear. It's a totally bulletproof, jump in and drive anywhere any time machine, with that just right mix of semi gloss black paint, perfect stance and red leather interior.

Here's what an original '40 Ford boot-lid badge looks like.

Here's the one on Ron's car and a good example of his sense of humour, Ron's idea of how the 'factory' boot badge should have been done.

Just in case you all believe the myth that it never rains in California, here's a couple of shots of the hills as viewed from the 210 Freeway en-route to the show late on friday morning. Yes kids it wasn't raining, it was snowing in Southern California!

Here's a shot from my digs in the usually tropical suburb of Rancho Cucamonga.
That mountain is only a ten minute drive away and the white stuff all over it is freshly fallen snow.

As for most indoor shows, the action usually starts in the parking lot, so before we hit the fairgrounds let's take a quick look around and see what there is to see.

Cartoonist Mike Chiavetta built his daily driven woody more than 40 years ago, from junk parts and lumber.
It's still going strong and is a staple of the So Cal rodding, art and surfing scenes.

This steel '34 coupe looked good enough that it should have been in the show.

GMC trucks, then and now.

Nice '37 Ford family sedan.

White suits a '56 pickup almost as well as pale blue.

Chevy pick up trucks are very popular.....

As too are the wagon variants.

Vans are also popular for daily duty as they are versatile and there's plenty of '70s nostalgia in many of them.

As is usual in the US, nothing is sacred, so you'll always see a few hot rodded rarities, like this Nash.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  DaveG on Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:54 pm

WOW!!!!!!..... Really not much else that can be said, You look at the work that goes into these amazing machines and the detail and craftsmanship can keep you looking for hours, I feel sorry for people who are not into cars and just dont get what these cars are about. I've seen a few shows on Foxtel where they have covered the GNRS and it's just mind boggling. then you've also got the Riddler man some amazing machines compete for that one too.
thanks for sharing Carps.

Those that matter dont Judge, Those that Judge dont matter
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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:00 pm

You aint seen nuthin' yet! I can do you a Riddler winner or two also, maybe after I get done with the GNRS? Very Happy

Meanwhile, lets take a look around the fairgrounds outside the show halls.

Parking inside the fairgrounds requires cars to be in place before the gates open to let in the general public. That means you gotta get there early and have your ride looking the goods before the crowd arrives.

Provided it's not raining or snowing when the sun comes up, parking places fill up quickly.

These old gurls were both low mileage units in pristine running order and available to new homes for the right price.

Love the business name on the doors of this old F-1.

This is Becky Sue Huff, a very nice lady who took time out from her mission, directing and organising the film crew for a documentary on the show to pose for a couple of pics and a chat. She also arranges models, bands, promotional and marketing activities for whatever events anyone might wish to facilitate, plus a whole lot more.

The car is Becky Sue's own small block powered Mercury Comet, that she likes to drag race when she's not busy with all her other works. She was also very apologetic that she wasn't properly 'made up' for a photo session, but I reckon she looks just fine without make-up.

There were lots of clever tricks on most of the vehicles displayed inside the halls or outside on the fairgrounds, like the use of a second outer tailgate skin as an inner.

Just as there were a few Aussie rides inside the buildings, we were also well represented on the outside.

This '54 Chev was straight off the used car lot, with original paint and trim, its a great example of getting the wheels and stance right. However it was easier said than done. Talking with the owner we learned that to get the right look, the rear wheels started as tens narrowed to 8 inches on the inside, the rear axle was narrowed an inch to make it all fit neatly in the stock wheelarches.

Honest Charlie was helping flog a few wide whitewall tyres for Mr Coker.

Over the hill gang arrived by bus, coz they are too old to be driving themselves.

This '58 Fairlane is another example of how stance and wheels can make or break a car.

Tasty Buick was one of many early to mid sixties Riv's at the show.

MOPAR wagon was even tastier.

Waldorf Corvette, is a glass body on late 'Vette chassis, looks as good as the original GM concept car from the early '50s which turned out to be two cars in one, the Corvette and Nomad wagon.

Is it any wonder why '40 Ford coupes are so popular?

Walking from one building to the next was no big deal once the rain stopped, which it did early each day.

Lineup of cool mild customs outside the Suede Palace.

Kustom Chevy pick-up was reminiscent of the Barris Copper Kart, but it's not the clone.

More tomorrow?


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:23 am

I guess it's tomorrow.

'32 Fords are equally as popular as '40 Ford coupes and with the woodie and wagon theme of this years show, old termite factories were to be seen everywhere around the fair grounds.

This Hemi in this deuce was so nasty the driver had to shut it off each time he needed to speak to anybody.

Traditional style A coupe has modified '54 Olds wheel caps.

The crowd was solid all weekend, but with so much space it didn't really seem folks were jammed into the place.

I guess the owner of this Buick, got tired of telling folks……..

…….It's Coral, not Pink!

This Pickem-up truck is just straight up neat.

At the H.A.M.B. get together outside the Suede Palace on Saturday, me, my buddy Don Dillard, Kurt and Kiwi Kev.

Another view of the wide open spaces outdoors.

Big Buick Woodie was for sale, only $65K and you can drive it home.

The flame in the middle of this crowd image is not from a roving circus fire eater………

It is this evil monster doing it's fire spitting act.
Pretty much every hour on the hour, right across the weekend there was a special display that included lots of noise from this blown Arias Hemi powered '32 Chevy Coupe.

Not fire breathing dragons, but this group of snakes is still pretty nasty.

And many did have lots of fire power under the hood, like this 600+ horse pressure big block.

This model A is not so powerful.

I've photographed this pick-up previously when visiting the L.A. area, but it just so nice that l shot it again.

This coupe imitating the movie star Towmater, was equally timeless, the cargo, just too cool for school.

The visiting Japanese pinstripers worked all day and all night, laying down cool lines on all manner of interesting stuff.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:42 am

Here's a nice looking '55 Ford wagon.

And a pair of '56s, for you to choose which one you like best.

The crowds didn't seem to be flustered by a little drizzle or icy cold air.

Don and Ron tell me that if the sun had been shining, this grassed picnic area would have been awash with cool cars.

The few that were parked there seemed pretty darned cool to me anyhow.

Nomads were in abundance, although this was the only one I saw with '59 Caddy tail lamps.

Little Henry J looked like it should have been inside on the show floor, it was very well done and detailed to the max.

This '57 Oldsmobile Wagon was just cool.

As too was this '40 pick up

And this Chevy.

How to build a muscle car? Do what Oldsmobile did in '49, take your lightest model and load it up with your biggest most powerful OHV V8 engine and call it Super 88!

Somehow I get the feeling this big old roader will never see much dirt.

On the other hand, this little A coupe seemed to have seen a few street miles.

The star of the movie Deuce of Spades, on the red carpet at the Academy Awards Ceremony.

The shiela is Faith Granger, producer, director, screen-writer, and actor from the same movie.

I recall having seen this pair before, parked outside a diner in Central California en-route to Pleasanton.

Flat painted pick-up was a long way from the suede palace.

However, this coupe was right outside the door.

As was this kinda shiny little hot rod road duster.

This one too.

The tyre guys seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

Subtle but very slick '33 Ford coupe.

This little roadster appeared to be a very seriously sliced and diced model A Ford.

White doesn't seem like the right choice but this '56 Vicky looked superb in the lightest non colour.

My fellow Victorians should keep an eye open for this one, it's getting a semi kustom paint job before being sealed into a box for chipping down under.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:43 am

If you thinks '37 Fords are the wrong choice for any hot rodding activity, you need to see and hear this puppy.

The car is so perfect yet so understated it makes the heart pump and the blood flow.

If Ie needed proof of the car's sex appeal it was with this guy, as soon as he and his gal got close his hand went from the gal's shoulder to where you see it, quicker than you could say WOW!

Having checked out all the outside stuff, I'm chomping at the bit to see some wooden cars.

One of the guys tells us they are in that hall over there, so off we go and boy am I disappointed!
Inside that hall there are only two woodies!

This one…..

…. and this one.

… which has a very big engine stuffed in it's rather small engine bay.

About this time I was getting a bit frustrated, coz I was expecting to see lots of wooden things and there's only two! So, the boys decided I need some lunch whilst they try and figure out what's gone wrong.

They had yucky fairgrounds food, mine is the salad.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:53 pm

Over lunch we reviewed the program and learned that the wagons and woodies are located in a whole other hall, such is the abundance and volume of vehicle types that each have their own independent space.

So having refreshed and energised ourselves of we went in search of wood.

On entering the hall, Don and Ron figured that I'm going to be a while, so they decided to sit it out and share some stories,. Dunno what imaginary vehicle he was driving, but that's a big steering wheel Don has in his hands.

Not all the vehicles in this building are proper station wagons, as it turned out, the theme was as much for the surfing safari as hard working wooden wagons. The first vehicle inside the doors was this Hawaiian taxi from MOPAR.

Then of course we have the usual surfin' Kombi vans and other VW based machinery.

Considering the big MOPAR, this one I think may have been an earlier joint venture between the Germans and Chrysler.

As you'd expect a few Nomad's, Suburbans and other non wooden bodied wagons managed to sneak in but really, who cares about them?

However, this two door Tank Fairlane was pretty cool.

On the other hand, this shoebox Ford was just all kinds of wrong!

This cool Mercury included something for the caravaners to drool over.

A tag along camper with integrated fishing boat, was way cool.

Not to be outdone, this '36 wagon had a matching trailer with a couple of vintage cruiser bicycles on board.

Tucked away in a back corner was one of the rarer wooden wagons, a Marmon Herrington four wheel drive Mercury from 1948 or thereabouts, think of it as the predecessor to modern day LandCruisers and RangerRovers etc.

Here's rare 1941 Ford wagon.

And another for the MOPAR fans.

This old Mercury sedan is a custom fabricated coach built job and kinda cool.

When you find an old wagon in this good a condition, the best thing to do is just leave it alone and enjoy it.

If you really have to have shiny paint, you can always try and find a second one in even better original condition.

The later model wooden panelled wagons don't have the same appeal to me as the all wooden bodies of the pre and immediate post WW2 wagons, but I'd bring this '49 Mercury home in a heartbeat if it was available.

This '48 model from uncle Henry's wood-shop demonstrates once again, how getting the wheels and stance right, can make any car a standout.

What more can I say, wood is good!


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:54 pm

More wood you say?

OK., here we go…..

Here's the other end of that gorgeous blue '49 Mercury.

The lone Dak-Dak woody was not in the same league as the one in Japan.

This model 40 wagon is not a real one, but appears to be a repro maybe from Hurculese Motor Cars.

And lfor these who love a '32 Ford………

Chevy van, was about the only thing there could swallow a longboard.

Low ridin' Suburban was pretty cool if you need to cart your mates around with you.

And for the MOPAR fan, a pentastar branded wagon.

With a one of them fat headed MOPAR engines, as opposed to Henry's flat headed number..

And of course a wooden MOPAR, Goodguy Garry Meador's latest toy.

Yup, that's a Viper V10 hiding under that big long hood.

Guess I better include a metal Ford so's not to upset any of you FOMOCO mob, however, the two door Ranchwagon isn't nearly as sexy as a Nomad.

Even Fords ugly duckling '37 models look great wrapped in wood!

What is not to love about a wooden car?

Finding a Model 40 in wagon is quite difficult, finding an almost mint original Model 40 wagon is like a wet dream, but the owner of this low mileage original did just that and it's not for sale at any price. I know that because I made an offer.

I was told it drives like a new one. In my ever so humble opinion, this is one of those special cars that should not be messed with, modified or restored, just keep it roadworthy and enjoy.

Some of the 'Off brands' are a little less stylish than the Fords, but I guess they did the job, like this big International all wheel drive.

There were also a few timber bodied Dodgems based on light truck chassis rather than cars.

The '37 Chevy was quite attractive, but they never sold in the numbers that Ford's wagons flew out the back door of the Iron Mountain wood-shop.

The later Pontiac was a big and comfy wagon and is also quite rare among wooden cars.

Likewise, any 1941 Mercury is rare and the wagon even moreso.

I am still trying to figure out what it is that the '40 Ford guys are smoking that makes them want to stuff a size ten engine in a size 9 hole?

It only just fits in there, but does look cool and I'm assured it goes OK too.

And for eye appeal, there's no substitute for candy paint!

So, the $60k question remains, which was may favourite wooden car, the one that almost stopped my heart and had me drooling uncontrollably?

Well wonder no more and lookitdis, yeah it's not even a wagon, it's this here Sportsman convertible!

The fit, finish and detail was close to perfection.

Just check out the woodwork, then the black painted oh so straight metalwork.

Stance, wheels and tyres, check!

And as if all that wasn't enough, here is the clincher!

Even the wheel caps were subtly cool.

Did I mention yet that I love wooden bodied cars?


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:55 pm

So, having satisfied my wood fettish, here I sit pondering what will I show everybody next.

A group of cars of a specific type or maybe one car that simply grabbed my attention and printed itself indelibly into my memory?

There were many memorable cars at the GNRS, plus a few that go beyond being just memorable, more like, "OHMYGAWD THAT IS SIMPLYUNBEFREAKINLEAVABLE!"

I'm about to post up some pics of one such car.

One that viewed from a distance appears to be a simple, stock bodied '65 Chevrolet Impala convertible.

It's a Chicano style low rider, but it doesn't have a multi coloured paint job, just a couple of shades of a single colour.

What it does have, is mind boggling attention to detail including thousands of hours of engraving, in fact every single fastener on the car is engraved.

There's also a mind numbing amount of time was spent on coper plating as filler and then hand polishing and refilling with copper before hand polishing again as a perfectly flawless base for the final application of chrome plating.

The car is over the top but without being over the top, look closely at the details and you'll see that the owner has indeed exercised considerable restraint, they could have simply continued and engraved everything all over every inch of the parts, but they didn't. They could have put gold leaf and striping all over the machine, but they used it as originally intended, to highlight specific aspects of the car. They could have airbrushed images all over the paint job, but they didn't, instead using this art form to detail certain areas of the car.

It was interesting to watch as almost every person who got close enough, simply stopped in their tracks, picked their jaw up off the floor and pulled out their camera, proceeding to photograph this simple but complex Chevy in every detail.

Look closely at the photos and I hope you will see what I saw looking at the car for real. You could just stand there looking for hours and still not catch every detail.

And yes, it won a couple or three trophies.

From a distance it appears nothing too special…..

Then you look more closely in the mirrors and at the details…….

Incredible isn't it?


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'65 Chevrolet Impala convertible

Post  jptbird on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:15 pm

Incredible it is...Carps.
Nice postings and glad to have you contributing your photos and stories.
Well done.
Well come.

Let your money make you happy. Smile

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  DaveG on Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:16 am

I've just spent over an hour reading and looking at these pics all i can say is WOW!!!!!

Thanks Carps I feel like I was there.

Those that matter dont Judge, Those that Judge dont matter
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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:29 am

Better clean your spec's dave, there's at least another six or seven pages before I'm done with it. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Bad news is that somehow I keep getting sidetracked by other threads.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:22 pm

Here's a few more, starting with the other end of that Aussie '38 Ford Roadster from the first page.

Normally frumpy this '40 Chev coupe looks pretty good in a trendy orange outfit.

It appears to me there's two schools of thought when it comes to Willys, traditional gasser look or radical contemporary rod. This is the latter.

Speaking of radical, some guys just don't know when too much is just enough.

How about a hot rodded late '30s DeSoto taxi cab?

This one seems to have copped a real working over.

This deuce coupe was a neat and tidy machine and speaking of taxi cabs……

…….. I know you all want to see more of that late model next to the deuce.

The 'Murricans thought it was awesome, couldn't understand my 'ho hum' attitude.

Radically sectioned '39 Chevy coupe is rather blue and very well done.

My friend Jack Stirnemann from St Louis got his '34 coupe finished just in time for the show.

It's a shame that all the fine craftsmanship and detail is so difficult to see now that it's done.

The body was close to pristine, note the lack of any rust under the original paint in this pic from my archives..

Even though there was much time invested in making the body perfect for the black paint, the real mastery is in the chassis and mechanical package.

The twin turbocharged flattie can haze the tyres better than most big block powered cars.

Interior, like the other bits of all of Jack and Harry's cars, is super detailed yet totally understated.

Additional dials needed to monitor the blown flathead are housed below the dash, in a fascia panel that integrates with the steering mount.

You'll need to look very closely to see how the pressurised air is forced into the engine through the carburettors. Notice also how there's no alternator, just an old fashioned generator, Jack is a man after my own heart when it comes to what accessories belong or don't on a flathead.

The driveway in the tyre smoking images is almost as steep as mine so it' takes some mumbo to do the smoker thang. Jack and Harry are good at using turbochargers for makin' horse pressure out of small capacity or unusual engines. Harry's stovebolt six '37 Chevy runs 8s all day long and won five consecutive national championships, despite being the only non V8 in the class. They took their '32 street roadster to Bonneville in 2001 and upped the D (less than 300 c.i.) BSR record from 173 to 209mph, then drove the car home to St Louis Mo., blew it apart, detailed it and won best engineered street rod at the GNRS plus a few other awards. Jack also restored the Walker Morrison roadster (featured in late forties early 50's magazines) and the reflection in the doors of this coupe are testament to the quality of the work that comes out of Jack and Harry's home shop. They've also had a few cars featured in Rodders Journal.

OK, enough of that, back to the show.....

This little Prefect van could probably match Jack's car in the tyre hazing contest, but it might be a bit more of a handfull.

Yep, that's a 600+hp LS1 stuffed under that firewall.

Figure it must be time for an arty-farty shot.

The Deuce comes with a matching gee tar.

Here's another car that proves '37 Fords aint so homely after all.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:23 pm

Here's another of those cars that grabs the viewer's attention and doesn't let go.

It's a far more simple ride than the yellow Chev, but no less attention grabbing.

This one has had more than a bit of ink in US magazines since it was built, looks great in person and Troy is a nice guy too.

Hollywood Hot Rods have just finished this 'Brand New '40' for Street Rodder Magazine's 2013 Road Tour.

Yep, i mean it really is a brand spankin' new '40 Ford Coupe, there's not one original old part on the car anywhere, it's 100% new or repro.

Still on the orange pearl colour scheme, this isn't really a Ford, but indeed a '37 Chevrolet.

From the famed shop of Marcell and Sons comes this fantasy in bare metal.
Features styling cues from Delahaye, BMW, Bentley and many other exotic makes.
Impossible to see on the outer surfaces, but there's quite a few welding lines (albeit perfect welds) where all the hand formed bits of metal have been attached to each other to form a single unit.

The brass bits will be chrome plated for the finished and painted car.

Sharing a striking resemblance to this years AMBR winner, this little jalopy took the big trophy home in 1951.

Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Very Happy

Wish I coulda brung this beauty home with me.

Could not find one fault or flaw anywhere on the whole car, even the colour and amount of glass is perfect. Laughing Laughing Laughing
One of the few cars I've ever see that I would not change a single thing if it were mine.

Black and chrome A pick-up, wasn't too shabby either.

Likewise, this '40 Ford tool carrier.

This little bugger still has me scratching my head, but somebody probably understands it. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Bare metal Deuce could be an AMBR contender next year.

Here's another brand spankin' new car that has no old parts, there was also a new '57 Chev Convert elsewhere, plus a whole bunch of new '55/6/7 'Vettes.

So, how do you like your '55 Nomad?


….. or slightly modified?

Poker players reckon a pair of Deuces is a good hand to start with, so lets try a repop convertible road-duster……

…. and the significanttly rarer original Cabriolet (also with convertible top, roll up and down windows).

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:24 pm

Red 'flaked '34 For Coupe was lumped in with the Kustoms, probably coz it has Barris crests on the cowl panels, but I reckon it's all hot rod, pure hot road at that.

I guess it does have a kustom interior.

But no matter which way you view the outside, it's all hot rod!

Speaking of hot rods, this little deuce coupe is one of the nicest I've ever seen.

Again it matters not from which angle it's viewed, there's no question what it is.

I guess you could call this a hot rod too.

So Cal's latest is stuffed full with one of those new cyote engines from FOMOCO.

And this is a sports car, a very cool sports car, but a sports car all the same.

Here's another of the Aussies at the show…

Never knew a yoot could look so classy.

Speaking of classy, this mildly customised '40 convert is all that and more.

Yeah baby!

What is it they say about not making them like they used to?

Old show rod was tucked away in a corner and ignored by most passers by.

Yet another Ardun powered deuce!

Among all the subtle silvers, grey, and earth-tones, the blue cars all stood out quite boldly.

Very boldly!

Here's another class act and one of the rarest of Uncle Hank's '32 model year cars.

In fact this was the last of the 400 series convertible Victorias.

From the front this one was just another deuce, from this angle it's more interesting.

The '37 Chev is right up there with the '40 Ford when discussion turns to great looking coupes.

Quite a few T buckets in this show, some appear to be from back when they were the latest Fad.

Others seem to have moved with the times.

Yet others are just kinda cute and/or funky, with lots of Artus appeal.

And it doesn't matter from which angle they are viewed.

Here's another one for the MOPAR gang, channelled and full rendered '32 Plymouth, Hemi powered of course.

Last but not least for now here's one that didn't make the cut,.....

......which should help put into perspective, the high standard of the top ten roadsters..

Have you ever wondered what might have been had Bob Hirohatta purchased a convertible instead of his famous Mercury Coupe?


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:25 pm

Well wonder no more!

There's a couple of small details that are not perfectly matched to the work done by Sam Barris on the original Hirohatta Merc, but this is better than Jack Walkers clone, because it gives a different perspective, regardless of being a copy.

The teeth in the side vents are a perfect match as too is the joint in the Buick side trim and the push buttons for opening the doors.

But the icing on the cake is the perfect replication of the original Von Dutch striping on the dash panel.

Under the hood and underneath the car, it is identical in every way to the now restored original Hirohatta two door hardtop.

Maybe open top cargo carriers are what strikes a chord among some of you folks?
So let's check one of my favourites from a couple of different angles.

A cool workspace has air conditioning.

This one may appeal more to the tri-five fans,

Flareside bed helps make it a tad classier than regular step side truck.

Falcom looks pretty clean and innocent.

Betcha it's frightened a few of them nasty muscle cars thanx to the modern quad cammer under it's hood.

Think we already had this '37 Chev from another angle, but it's nice enough to look at again.

Dunno if it's about the fruit they grow in the central part of the state but this is a popular colour in SoCal.

They grow lotsa oranges down Mexico way too, but the folks down there have a whole different opinion of what makes a neat paint job.

Plain and simple works, but model A is a little cramped for my big frame.

We all know that my most favourite pick up truck is white and lives in St Louis, but this one I think takes third place on my list.

It's that colour, stance wheels thang at work I reckon.

See, here it is working again.

Same colour different parts but same effect.

Different vintage but it's still working!

Even works for ugly trucks and the tars don't need to have white sidewalls, especially when everything else is black.

Works with the yellow hues, even pale cream.

Here's what happens when you brighten the colour up a tad, use unique rollers and add a splash of contrasting white…..


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:26 pm

I think my new second favourite picked up truck, is this one, just coz I dig a custom and candy wine paint is bit chin too.

Viewed from any angle this little truck is badass cool!

Since we're back in the Kustom hall, how about a radically customised pickemup truck?

I'm thinking it was once a Ford Econoline.

Certainly not something at the top of every customiser's list, but neat coz it's different.

John D'Agostino's '39 Cadillac isn't a truck, but it's a very kool kustom.

Whaddayamean you couldn't see the Caddy?

Let's try again, how's this?


Here's the Custom's hall, shot from centre of the building, more to my left, right and behind me.

Richard Zocchi chose a rare '62 Chrysler 300 as the base for his car which is easily recognisable, despite the number of detail changes made to it…….

…like the front fender scoops and neatly frenched headlamps that go almost un-noticed.

Around back the changes are equally as subtle but no less complex, like the completely new backlight window.

Whilst the Zocchi and D'Agostino cars are almost in a class of their own, none of the other Kustoms could be consider anything less than first class, like this '48 Ford coupe wearing g a '50 Victoria roof.

It also had the 'spinner' dash.

But I reckon it may be a bit hard spotting what's following.

Pink or white are not colours I'd normally associate with trad style customs, but they kinda work OK……..

….. on yet another almost unrecognisable '46/8 Ford coupe.

This well known '48 coupe was customised way back when and is undergoing yet another restoration and appeared at the show stark bollicky nekkid.

If I had to have a try five Chevy, Ed Malinski's blue and white '55 would be the one I'd choose.

Mildly customised the cobalt blue paint really makes it pop!!

Another attention grabbing blue paint job was the Winfield style fade job on Keth Charvonia's not so common Kaiser.

Aussie Justin Hills, had his well known Buick at the show……

… and his recently finished '60 Dodge Polara which took home a big chunk of gold

Since all the mid fifties Buicks are now resident in Australia, the 'murricans are turning to the mid sixties Rivs for their Buick fix.

'49/50 Pontiac tail-lamps are more usually found on trad' styled hot rods, but they work well on this candy lime green late model.

From this angle there's no mistaking the origins of this radical Kustom.

However, looking at the other end, it could have started out as any one of a large number of early fifties vehicles.

There's no mistaking that Jim Eckard's ride started out as a late forties Chevrolet.

I guess no review of the Kustom class can be called complete without a few Merc's and this '39 was one of a few in the show done in the Matranga style.

This 49/50 model was clean and featured an interesting side trim that I could n't identify.

This one was such a deep shade of blue it almost looked like it was black from some angles.

No questioning what colour this one is.

Or this one, which isn't a Merc, but a longer wheelbases Lincoln Cosmopolitan, which is not only chopped, but also sectioned.

The styling is a radical departure from traditional, I figure necessitated by the section job.

Likewise the paint treatment stepped somewhat out of the normal boundaries for a kustom.

Dunno if it was the colour, the build quality or just the style, but this one really appealed to me.

It takes a bit of imagination to get a kustom right, like selecting the correct tail-lamps from another vehicle, it's the little things like turning those lamps 90 degrees from how they'd normally set, that separates the special cars from those that follow standard practices and 'rules'.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:26 pm

Nice as the green Caddy is, I'm soooo digging' this MOPAR, just for the subtlety and range of modifications. It's not 'till you see a stocker that you realise just how radically modified it really is.

Here's another pair of subtly kusomised machines, Mark Skipper's '51 Vicy being one of the stand out Kustoms of the event.

Look closely and you'll see the true extent of the work done to Mark's car. Chopping the top on one of these usually creates a rather difficult, some may even say ugly back window opening.
Mark's solution? Use the backlight glass from a regular sedan.

No matter from which angle it's viewed, this thing just exudes cool class.

Jim Noteboom is another relatively prolific builder of Kustoms, usually wagon based.
His latest is a Cadillac wagon, that never existed in the GM line-up.

It's big enough that sleeping in the back on a road trip would be no problem, even for me.

Prolific customisers in the '60s, the Alexander Brothers have been a little quiet on the customising scene for a few years. The good news is that they are back, although not strictly a Kustom, their '33 roadster exhibits their talent for style and ability to scratch build intricate multi dimensional components.

Mild Kustom Chevy sloper looked pretty good in green.

This early '50's Ford uses a few Pontiac plus other GM bits and when done should look pretty good.

Shoebox coupe used trim from various different '50s era Fords and Merc's to good effect in creating the illusion that it's been sectioned.

This one had a few viewers scratching their heads, appears to have started life as a '48 ish Anglia or Prefect.

Of course the grandaddy of all car shows, should feature the grandaddy of all radical Kustoms and this show sure did that.

How many different cars models or parts can you identify?
How about the original car, any ideas what it might be?

Whilst not to everybody's taste there's no disputing it's a masterpiece of the Kustomiser's art using every trick in the book and then some.

And I do mean every trick!

I'm told it is eminently drivable and we even witnessed that on teardown night, it has air con so that the folks inside don't get toasted under the plexi dome on hot days.

It's also fully detailed from top to bottom, even tho you can't see the bottom when it's parked.
hell you cant see it when it's moving either, it gives the impression of floating on air.

This '54 Chevy was the complete opposite in terms of modifications, very mild yet so well executed.

It'd make a great daily driver.

Appearing on the surface to be equally as mild as the Chevy, this '56 Ford proved to be much more. Look closely at the images and see how many modifications you can pick.

Upturned and filled bumpers are but one change, however did you notice they've been reduced in size so as to sit more neatly against the body work?

There's plenty of neat and subtle customising to see here.

And it continues under the hood and beneath the car.

The custom fabricated dash is cool enough, but check out the upholstered pedal arms.

Also the neat body colour door trim mouldings that replicate the stainless trim fitted to the outside panels.

Sometimes it's the cars you might ignore and walk past, that display most of the neat tricks and detail.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Big Vic on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:17 pm

Hey Peter, am I missing something? I can read the text on this thread, but no photos - none.

Oh just worked it out - slow computer. Must be more patient.
Big Vic

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:21 pm

Sorry about that Vic, I can't tell from here how fast or slow they load, they appear instantly on my screen since they are all in the cache.

Maybe if I reduce the number in each post they might load faster?

I'll try it and see what happens, but you'll need to advise.

Didn't notice that last pic of the Cusso interior is the wrong colour, the second last pic is more accurate rendition.


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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  DaveG on Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:09 pm

Hi Carps
I need to know what is the Bubble Car, I'm guessing a 57 Cadillac.

Those that matter dont Judge, Those that Judge dont matter
No Chrome = No Class

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

Post  Carps on Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:56 pm

Hi Dave, I'da thunk most of you guys here should all recognise it. Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Take a close look at the engine hood and deckled.

it started life as a 1956 Ford Thunderbird! Shocked

Street licensed and driven regularly.

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Re: The Other Hot Rod Show on Australia Day Weekend.

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