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Breakfast Gathering, 8th December ~ BP Eastlink

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Breakfast Gathering, 8th December ~ BP Eastlink

Post  Giobus on Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:07 pm

Hi All,

It's on again, this is the last for the year !! in a couple of weeks the" big fellow" in red will be coming down the chimney.  

The breakfast gathering has been get bigger each month and the variety of cars is astounding.

Our next Breakfast is Sunday 8th December,

As the Car Show season is starting to hot up, we can’t get to all of them.  So come breakfast gathering early ‘grab a coffee’, check out some cars before you head off to the day’s show.
As always we are at BP Eastlink Rowville between Ferntree Gully Rd & Wellington Road (Outbound) from 8:00am to around 11am
So come on down, grab a coffee or just talk cars !


Hosted by the Jets Classic & Custom Car Club



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