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Not your usual 59 Fairlane

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Not your usual 59 Fairlane Empty Not your usual 59 Fairlane

Post  DaveG on Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:21 pm

Here is a vehicle i thought you guys might like.
Bruce the owner has just joined Jets car club, It started life as a 59 Fairlane Wagon it's had the back doors welded up the roof was removed front screen and pillars cut down and a new lower slung aluminium roof made which lifts off to reveal a roadster cover from the seats to the tailgate. She's powered by a 351 & C6 and has Valiant torsion bar front suspension. quite a package  i'm sure you'll agree. I dont have a shot with the roof lifted off, I'll contact Bruce to see if we can get one.

 Not your usual 59 Fairlane Pa200610
Not your usual 59 Fairlane Pa200611
Not your usual 59 Fairlane Pa200612
Not your usual 59 Fairlane Pa200613
Not your usual 59 Fairlane Pa200614

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