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Lowdown on Posting Topics & Replys

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Lowdown on Posting Topics & Replys

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:01 am

Once you've Registered on the Forum you'll be able to get involved in all the discussion , ask or Answer Tech questions etc.

Lets assume you've clicked on the General Discussion Button on the front page and you want to tell everyone about something you've seen or heard. You simply Click on the NEW TOPIC Button, a new window will open and you'll see two empty boxes a long skinny one which runs accross the screen at the Top and a larger square one underneath the Title of your Topic goes in the skinny text box which says Title of the Topic to the left of it, you must fill this box in with your Topic name ie' you might be saying hello in the New Members area so you'd type inHi All From JBloggsNow in the lower Larger Text box type your story in here, You get the idea.
When you've finished you can either Preview the Post or just Send it using the buttons below the Text Box.

To Reply to an existing Topic
is basically the same except that you're reading a Topic that someone else has posted if you want to reply you'll see a POST REPLY button, just click a new window will open up, but in this case don't fill in the Title of the Topic box at the top just go straight to typeing your response into the large text box and click on SEND button.
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