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May 13 Kevin & Carmen Spiteri trick 65 H/Top

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May 13 Kevin & Carmen Spiteri trick 65 H/Top

Post  DaveG on Thu May 02, 2013 7:16 pm

Name: Kevin & Carmen Spiteri

Forum Name: spits65bird

Country / State: Melbourne, Australia

TBird Year 1965

Body Type H/Top

Body Colour: Colonial White

Interior Colour: Burgundy

Engine: 390 cubic inch Big Block

Transmission: Auto Cruiseomatic

Differential: 9” 3.0.1

Standard Equip; Power steering, Power windows, air conditioning, Electric Seats.

Purchased From:
I purchased the car in 2008 when my Son Luke suggested we buy a hobby car together the original plan was to buy a Falcon XM Coupe until someone suggested a Thunderbird, We grabbed the Trading post and found one to go and look at the rest as they say is history we bought it whilst driving it home I remember thinking we've done absoloutley no research on these cars and didn't even know if we could get parts. Luke lost interest so I bought his share of the car and set about building exactly what I wanted in a Thunderbird.

First thing was to fit LPGas with Gas Research carbie, modified boot floor to suit gas tank, Airbag Suspension all round which allows the car to sit only mm clear of the ground when the ignition is turned off, As soon as the ignition turns on the car rises to it's driving height and can also be raised up to near stock height with the push of a button on the console, The ride is dramatically improved with the Airbags fitted. I've also fitted Front & rear heavy duty stabilizer bars, Nolathane bushes, Pedders shockers, as a package it provides a big improvement in driveability. I've also fitted a Custom Autosound unit to improve the inside sounds and an Airhorn to improve the outside sounds (La Cooka Racha).

Wheels Type & Size.
20" x 8" Chrome Wire Wheels with 235x35 Front and 245x45 Rear tyres.

Work you’ve done or had done :
Full repaint Colour change from Rose Beige to Colonial White full interior retrim in in Burgundy together with new foam seat cushions and new burgundy carpets, Rechroming or polishing of all Chrome pieces and re-polishing & repair of anodised parts. repaired cracked Steering wheel and repainted, new badges, new rubber & seal kit, new rear lenses and frames.

Future Plans
No plans........Carmen would divorce me Very Happy

What do you enjoy most about your TBird.
The thing I most enjoy about the TBird is looking back to where it all began and feeling pride in the fact that I've made it into exactly what I wanted it to be from day one, secondly is the looks and admiring comments from others, complete strangers who make the effort to come and say how much they like the car, driving up the Highway on a cruise and other drivers tooting and giving her the thumbs up, It doesn't get any better than that. i love this car and drive her as often as i can, sometimes i get home from a tuff day and it's great to jump in the car and do the Tosser Run around our local beaches, through the car we've made some great new friends who share the same interest. Not only do we cruise together, we regularly go out for dinner and and phone each other almost daily for advice or just to talk some shit for 5 minutes, usually the highlight of a mundane workday. the car has also done wonders in increasing my Computer skills because of this Forum I've had to learn to use the computer Very Happy Anyway here's some Pics of the Journey so far...

Here is where it all began....Rose Beige White Roof


Anyone know where this Red wire goes

And here she is Today..........Yes Dear she is finished I'm not doing anymore to her Very Happy

How Cool is that Esky....

Thanks for looking.

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Re: May 13 Kevin & Carmen Spiteri trick 65 H/Top

Post  The65 on Fri May 03, 2013 4:59 am

Sweet looking car Kevin. The new colour looks a lot better. I remember admiring this year at LGC Williamstown.

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Re: May 13 Kevin & Carmen Spiteri trick 65 H/Top

Post  Big Vic on Fri May 03, 2013 8:31 pm

Love your car, Kev. Was really impressed when I saw it at the last Sunday Breakfast, but seeing what you started with makes me even more amazed.

Great work and a credit to you.
Big Vic

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Re: May 13 Kevin & Carmen Spiteri trick 65 H/Top

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