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Thunderbird Sites of Interest

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Thunderbird Sites of Interest

Post  DaveG on Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:25 am

Here I've listed some great internet sites, full of all kinds of helpfull information on the full range of Thunderbird cars.

Vintage Thundrbird International Club/Forum

The Thunderbird Garage (Jim Wulf)

The TBird Forum

The Thunderbird Owners Club Australia NSW

Ford Thunderbird Merchandise, I've purchased a couple of T Shits seem pretty good quality, Shipping to Australia was $5

This site deals with the Ford FE engine which includes the 390 etc.

Aus T-Bird Parts Suppliers
Thunderparts Barry Haley keilor (03) 9331 6867
All American Auto Parts Wendouree (Ballarat) (03) 5339 6533

US T-Bird Parts Suppliers
Bird Nest 800-232-6378 www.tbirdparts.com
Bob’s Bird House 302-449-1966 www.bobsbirdhouse.com
C & G Ford Parts 877-471-2400 www.cgfordparts.com
Classic Auto Parts 800-654-3247 www.classicautoparts.com
Classic Cars Of South Carolina 866-572-1938 www.classiccarsofsc.com
Concours Parts 800-722-0009 www.concoursparts.com
Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts 800-476-9653 www.dennis-carpenter.com
Desert Valley Auto Parts 800-905-8024 www.dvap.com
Green Sales Company 800-543-4959 www.greensalescompany.com
Hilltop Classics 760-746-0400 www.hilltopclassics.net
Larry’s Thunderbird Parts 800-854-0393 www.larrystbird.com
MAC’s Antique Auto Parts 800-777-0948 www.macsautoparts.com
Pat Wilson’s Tbird Parts 888-262-1153 www.wilsontbird.com
Rock Auto 866-762-5288 www.rockauto.com
Thunderbird Connection 800-888-2473 www.thunderbirdconn.com
Thunderbird Headquarters 800-227-2174 www.tbirdhq.com
Thunderbird Ranch 715-884-6546 www.tbirdranch.com
Vintage T-Bird 800-275-2661 www.tbirdsanctuary.com

Thunderbird Reading Material
Catalog of Thunderbird ID Numbers 1955-1993*
Ford Tbird Year Specific Shop Manual
How To Rebuild Big Block Ford Engines (FE & FT) by Steve Christ
1959 Thunderbird Body, Trim & Sealant by Jim Osborne
1959 Thunderbird Electrical Assembly Manual by Jim Osborne
Standard Catalog of Thunderbird 1955-2004 by John Gunnell*
T-BIRD: 40 Years of Thunder by John Gunnell*
Thunderbird 50 Years by Alan Tast*
Thunderbird: An Odyssey in Automotive Design by William P. Boyer
Thunderbird Restoration Guide 1958-66 by William Wonder*
Original Factory Specifications vol 1 (55-57), vol 2 (58-59), vol 3 (60-63), vol 4 (64-66) by VTCI*
*Can be found on the VTCI website Link below
Must be a member to purchase: http://www.vintagethunderbirdclub.net/country_store_books.htm.

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