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My bird finally leaves it's nest

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My bird finally leaves it's nest

Post  65bird on Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:04 pm

Hi guys it's taken since March of this year to have her finally registered and on the road but I'm so happy it's one of the best Xmas gifts I've had that I can recall.
All went great, took the family out for a cruise and decided to drop a Xmas prezzy of at one of my wifes friends in Heidelberg. When we got bak in the car after a break of an hour the car wouldn't start at all it just kept backfiring. Rang the RACV (we have total care) so I didn't worry about anything wrong because if they can't fix it they will just tow it back home for my for free. When he started to have a look he pointed out that the dizzy cap wasn't sitting on the dizzy properly and it broke the rotor locking lug inside. He was going to ring a tow truck but I said wait I'll ring a friend first. I rang up Michael (65tbird) and he quickly came from his house to help me out with a spare rotor and cap. After he fitted them on we continued our cruise and put her back to roost in her nest. Very Happy
I would like to thank Michael for all his help with my Thunderbird and all my other cars.
He is a great close friend and mechanic (I'm used to his swearing now lol! ), without his knowledge I would not have had this car on the road before Xmas.
He really is a treasure to have as a member. Thanks to all the members on this forum also.
Merry Xmas to all. cheers cheers cheers cheers santa santa santa santa santa [img]

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