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We enjoyed our first day out with Bing !

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We enjoyed our first day out with Bing !

Post  Giobus on Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:33 pm

Evening all,

Today we enjoyed our first day out with Bing (the car) and what a beautiful day it was. Very Happy

We stretched her legs a bit more today, we firstly picked up mum then off to Jells Park for some "Devonshire Tea".

>> How do you guys keep the excitement contained when you drive your cars ???, Question where ever you are, the people stop and gaze as you drive passed.

Jells Park was quite full today and as you drove up the main road the picnic'ers just stopped.

Well, here's a couple of photos.

It was also the first time l was more than 5 metres away from her - she was deep in the carpark & we were in the Cafe, " to be honest, l was a bit anxious on how she was by herself" silent

Then it was time to go, scones were good - coffee OK.

Next drive Friday >> End of month at work - casual dress, no dealer visits, morning massage & pizza for lunch she will make her appearance.

Catch you all.



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Re: We enjoyed our first day out with Bing !

Post  65birdman on Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:53 pm

nice to see you enjoying the car after all your hard work


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