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Do you know the secret about car keys?

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Do you know the secret about car keys? Empty Do you know the secret about car keys?

Post  linda2013 on Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:03 pm

Car keys,is the most important to car body, because no matter how good a car or how much luxury a car, do not move without a key. Car keys, look vastly different, although the car is switching tool , but there are also quite a lot of knowledge about it. Car keys are using the chip now, magnetic chip system. Automotive ignition coils cylinder will read identification reading chip key; chip has a fixed digital information. With the application of more technology, keyless start is also born out, today let us talk about the secret about key and the key troubles.

First, the key chips early contact
Chips used in car keys, call a magnetic chip system. Magnetic chip system is passive in nature. It Means that does not require electricity to support , do not need their own super energy. They rely on the 125 kHz operating frequency. When the external energy and the support itself, its transmission distance is short , the chip in many automotive systems, the identifier key is similar. When a key is inserted in the ignition lock and turn to "ON" or "RUN" position, the ignition lock core reading knowledge coil will read the key chip, the chip has a fixed digital information, the coil will read out and theft of digital information stored digital information control inspection, the next step once the agreement will continue to be continued vehicle launched. Each car has its own car chip types.

Second, the troubles when we using car keys
(1) lost car key is probably the most vexing problem, If you have a key, I suggest you copy a remote control key together with it. Not recommended in the 4S shop, where the price is relatively high, of course, if it is million luxury car, would not be considered. There will be a bunch of codes unlock the car when you buying a car, keep it well, when a key is lost or stolen can be unlocked and so with the new key.
(2)remote key no electricity also is our concern, when the remote distance becomes shorter, we should consider replacing or buy spare keys ahead, to prevent the situation of locked outside the vehicle.
(3) Do not be too sure lock car keys, you should lock your car and then pull the handle and prevent bad interference lock your car, into the car.
(4) does not lend the key to people who are not familiar with, to prevent cloning.

Third, how to do when the keys lost
Even if we do complete protection measures, but there is always stumble when the key is lost, then lost the key which remedy we need.
After losing the key can not enter the vehicle, first make sure whether you can get a spare key or not. If so, you can use the spare keys into the car. If not, you can ask 4S shop of keyless assistance to help open the door, but you still have to re-match a car key. If the car keys lost, you should quickly find lost keys the first, if indeed not be found, then consider re-match a car key. But the re-match a car key's process is very cumbersome, of course, change the vehicle lock, it is seemingly simple, but the price is much more expensive. This question depends on your own personal choice.

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