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How do you clean your car.

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How do you clean your car. Empty How do you clean your car.

Post  DaveG on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:53 pm

So what's the cleaning process on your car.

You get home from a show do you wash it with suds and water or do you wet it down and Chamois it off, do you use one of the quick detailer products, seems everbody has thier own way of looking after the paint on thier car. What do you do.  I've never washed mine, well not with a bucket and sponge and suds anyway.

If i get home and she's covered in dust i put the hose on a fine mist and soak her down If i dont have access to a hose i have a spray bottle of water in the boot i just spray her down i then let her sit for 10 - 15 minutes then i drag chamois over the top surfaces, I do this by spreading the chamois flat down on the surface then grab the front two corners and drag in a straight line, this will remove 90% of the water in one pass.

   Once i've done this all over continually wringing out the chamois, then i remove the last 10% of water by wiping with the chamois, when she's dry I use Meguairs Quick Detailer very sparingly (or it will streak) with 2 microfibre cloths one to wipe on and one to buff off. If i have any minor scratches i use Meguairs Scratch remover either by hand or with the buff depending how bad the scratch is. I usually wash the Chamois in hot water soon afterwards to clean it and I also wash the microfibre cloths in the washing machine with no soap.

After a show about 2 months ago I had a scratch on the drivers door from I'd guess some jewellery being dragged accross the surface it looked pretty bad but the Meguairs scratch remover removed it,  I dont know if this is the best method, so what do you do with your car.

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