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Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

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Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

Post  DaveG on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:51 pm

Graeme and his wife Patti are Members of Jets Classic & Custom Car Club.
thanks guys for letting us all see your beautiful Charger.

Name: Graeme McKay

Vehicle Make: Valiant

Vehicle Model: VH Charger

Year : 1971

Body Type : Coupe

Body Colour : Vitamin C. Orange

Interior Colour : Black

Engine : 265 Hemi. Fully rebuilt, new everything including pistons, cam, balanced crank, high flow alloy head, roller rockers, 4 barrel intake manifold and runs on straight gas

Transmission : 4 speed man

Differential : Never been apart so I'm not sure what gears are in there.

Standard Equip; Not many goodies in these old girls, No power steer, No air con, manual window cranks.

Added Extras : Modern radio, centre console with cup holders.

Purchased From : Bought the car in Dec 06 from a guy in King Lake. It wasn't running and had been pushed under a gum tree to die. Some parts had been removed and sold but was mostly complete. Turned out the starter motor was jammed and didn't take a lot to get going. Had he known he probably wouldn't have sold it.

Modifications : The car is lowered approx 2in, Put bigger twin piston breaks with ventilated rotters on the front, Changed the front seats for some more modern comfortable ones. Tinted the windows really dark. Looks great with the bright orange paint.

Wheels Type & Size.
15in Hurricanes. 215,60,15 on the front, 265,50,15 at the rear.

Work you’ve done or had done :
I stripped the car to a bare shell, repaired the rust in the rear quarters and sills then sent it for a full respray, while it was away being painted I had the engine and gear box rebuilt, bought new trim on line and re-trimmed the seats. The car was reassembled by myself at home. Many parts were replaced. Most found on eBay, Valiant parts aren't that easy to find any more. It took 3 years from time of purchase to completion.

Future Plans :
I would like power steering and maybe air con.

What do you enjoy most about your Car :
We enjoy taking it out to shows and going on day trips or holidays in it. It attracts a lot of attention where ever we go which is kind of nice. It is great to be able to join a club and meet likeminded people who also enjoy using their cars.
It's the car we couldn't afford as young people so we are trying to make the most of it now. We plan on keeping it for a long time.

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Re: Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

Post  The65 on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:44 pm

Very nice, cant beat an orange car Laughing

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Re: Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

Post  spits 65 bird on Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:41 pm

Hay charger very nice car looks better in real life

spits 65 bird

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Re: Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

Post  Carps on Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:00 pm

That's one nice looking Charger, dunno if it's part of that Karma thing of which Gio spoke, but there's a link between our two cars of the month.  My Humpy has a genuine E38 RT Six Pack fuel cap.  Drives the Valiant guys nuts seeing in in the boot of my old Holden.


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Re: Car of the Month Graeme's Stunning 71 Charger

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