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Our New Forum Sponsor

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Our New Forum Sponsor Empty Our New Forum Sponsor

Post  DaveG on Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:30 pm

Hi Guys
We have a new Forum sponsor.

The gentlemans name is Regan and he owns a small mechanical repair company in Moorabbin which is about to expand to become Classic Car Imports & Repairs.

Regan will be joining us soon and I'm sure he'll fill you in on all aspects of his business.

You might notice the Forum has changed name to The Classic & Custom Car Forum, this is to better fit the Profile of our sponsor and also to give a better outline of what we are about for the search engines.

Thanks to Regan for coming on board and assisting in keeping this Forum alive. As his cars arrive from the States he will be posting up pics and info on them.  

Thanks to Gio for revising our Banner earlier this evening.

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Our New Forum Sponsor Empty Re: Our New Forum Sponsor

Post  usa6t4 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:17 am

Welcome to Regan. I for one will be interested in seeing what he is about and what vehicles he brings to our shores. Chris Gleeson.

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