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Chryslers at Caribbean Gardens

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Chryslers at Caribbean Gardens

Post  65bird on Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:16 pm

Hi guys I took my other baby out today, my Valiant and attended the show and shine today at Caribbean Gardens in Scorsby with the intention of getting wet but the rain held off and the weather was mixed. In between the sun breaking out form the clouds it turned out to be a great day, with a record of 250 Chryslers turning out. There was a lot of great looking cars there.
I know this is a Ford forum but there are a few members out there on this forum that do own other makes of cars besides Fords.
I don't want to clutter this forum with Mopar photos so I will only put up a few. I want to also congratulate Theo and Lucinda Vennix (Victorian State Director
Thunderbird Owners Club of Australia) for winning a trophy with their beautiful looking 1958 Desoto Sportsman. cheers

Theo and Lucinda Vennix's 1958 Desoto Sportsman:

And my car: 1970 Valiant VG Pacer Coupe


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