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Driver's Beware ~ Club Reg Plates

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Driver's Beware ~ Club Reg Plates

Post  Giobus on Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:06 pm

Evening All,

Spent the day in a Service Manager's Meeting Rolling Eyes

But l had an interesting conversation with one of the Service Managers who is a member of a Holden Car Club in a rural city.

They have a member in the club who is a TOG Police.

At one of there club meetings they were told that during routine spot checks, Vehicle Log Books are checked ~ NO ISSUE > Right!

But what they also starting to do is check if you have had any RED LIGHT or SPEEDING fines in the past 'rego year' & if there is no entry in the log book. Shocked

The car will be impounded & you are also fined for driving a 'Un-registered Vehicle' and a few extra items >>> etc, etc etc. Shocked Shocked Shocked

So the end of the story is this - FILL IN THE BOOK & RESPECT FO THE ROAD.

We are Cruiser's Not Speedsters

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Re: Driver's Beware ~ Club Reg Plates

Post  Kiwibird on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:59 pm

Well Victoria has just fallen from my 'Place to Live' list.

I can drive my T-bird anywhere, anytime without worry over here.

Likewise my 429 & auto '55 F100 with narrowed 9" rear, HZ Holden front suspension/brakes/steering and lowered to the max on 10"X15" and 7"X14" Centerlines.

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