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How to post up Photos

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How to post up Photos

Post  DaveG on Tue May 08, 2012 8:22 pm

Posting photos on the forum has never been easier. Looks like lots of steps read thru you’ll find it’s really easy to do.
If you are starting a new Topic and want to add some Photo’s It’s simple,
Firstly Make sure you have the Photo’s on your computer.
Now Lets say you’re going to start a Topic in General Discussion, Just Click the General Discussion Tab on the front page as shown below.

Now you’ll see the screen below, click on the New Topic button as circled below.

Now you will see the screen below, Start with a Title for your Topic Type the Title in the long thin box at the top.

Now Click on the small box which is circled you’ll have a Window appear Dont change any settings in this window, Just Click on Browse Button also circled.

This will open a new window, Which is your Computer, Find the Photo you want to post

Once you've located your Photo Click on it this will Highlight it and lock in the file path, Now click on the Open Button down the bottom circled

Now Click on the Host It button circled below give it a few moments to re-size the Photo

Next 3 Options will appear Click on the Image Option (Middle One) Now move over to the Text box on the left and right click a small box will appear click on Paste.

Here's what you'll see in the Text Box, This is your Photo, Now ad your Story above or below the Photo Now press send and your Done.... Congratulations . Now go back to General Discussion and your post complete with Photo should be there.

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