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Thunderbird Repairs & Rebuilds.

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Thunderbird Repairs & Rebuilds.

Post  DaveG on Sat May 05, 2012 8:42 pm

Bart is a Classic Car Man and more than happy to help out any Thunderbird owners, he sent me an email explaining what he does, Here it is. He's out at Koo Wee Rup and his labour rates are very good. He's got a couple of TBirds for sale in the Buy & Sell Section.

Hi Dave this is what i do i build custom engines from mild to wild or just stock standard and i also make custom exhausts and custom headers as well I do welding and brakes and tuning of carbys and timing we have a full work shop so everthing is done in house so your car does not leave the house and if some of the club members would like to come and see where it all happenes we have a potbelly in the shed so you just come around and chew the fat and talk cars and performance there is not much that i cannot do i just love working the older cars and have done for thirty years it is a passion that i have and will die with.
I'm going back to the US for month again soon to buy my wife a soft top 1967 mustang and a pickup truck with a big block i hope it has 500 plus hp as there is nothing like it thankyou for your time look forward to catch up BART 0407829918 OR 59971529 THANKS .

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