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How to Post Pics / Photos

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How to Post Pics / Photos

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:12 pm

The easiest way to post pics on the Forum is to use the HOST an IMAGE button. This allows you to post pics directly from your computer bypassing the need for a 3rd party photo host; the Host an Image button is located just above the large text box.

  • Just hold the mouse pointer over the small boxes above the text box, a name for each box will appear.

  • Find the Host an Image box, click it and a window will appear which will have File and url, file is for a Photo on your computer

  • Select File and click on Browse and search your computer for the Photo or Photo's you want to post

  • Click on INSERT now select the Host It button another box will open click on the middle line (Image) and then press the copy button

  • Right click the mouse in the main text box and select paste, the address for the photo will appear in the text box

  • Close the Image Host box by re clicking the Host an Image button

  • Type in your story and just press SEND and your photo and story will be on the Forum.

NOTE: you may use the tried and true third party hosting as well, what ever suits you. We prefer using www.photobucket.com for our image hosting as it offers quite a few nice features.

This may sound complicated but give it a go you'll be surprised how easy it is.
If you're having problems you can email the photo to classiccarforum.yahoo.com and i'll post it for you but it won't have your text.

Cheers Admin

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Re: How to Post Pics / Photos

Post  Malibu Mick on Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:11 pm

Thanks for the forum.
But how do I put a photo of my Birds next to my profile?
I can't find "Host an Image" Button or large text box.
Maybe I'm thick or blind.
Malibu Mick.
Malibu Mick

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